Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Best Browers for Searching

#1 Firefox
Mozilla has claimed the top stop with its many features, plugin compatibility and tools for web development.

#2 Chrome
Google's browser/search is quite attractive, as they say, and its task manager, synchronizing... isn't bad either.

#3 Internet Explorer
Sill around and kicking, with the latest version 9, Microsoft's enduring browser finally takes a giant leap forward to join and work with everyone else.

#4 Opera
This techie fav is still the fastest browser out there, its just not winning any beauty contests.

#5 Safari
From Apple and the most used browser in Europe.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Interest in SEO

How interested are we in search engine optimization, really?
Well enough that 3 people look it up on google every second. There are over 800 million sites that mention seo and over 160,000 videos on youtube indexed with that term. Most of the searchers, 52% are men between 35-44 years of age.
Los Angeles is #1 city in the city to search for seo, but India is the top strategist, followed by Pakistan and then the Philippines. The US is the 4th ranking, while Canada rounds out the tip five.
March is the most popular month for seo searching and Thursday is the most popular day.
There are almost 250,000 tweets about seo a month and over 60,000 with seo mentioned in the profile. 13 million ( and 1) blog posts with seo in the title and Amazon has over 2,500 books about seo.